Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New logo

So my smart friend (all my other ones are retards ) who is good at technology and computer programs and rubix cubes has made an upgrade to my crappy old hand drawn logo (yay!) so basically he digitalised it! If you want to know how he did it then you should go check out his blog and YouTube channel ! This is him :
And after: 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

(Trigger warning)

Do you ever feel like your drowning but everyone around you is breathing fine? Yea, join the club.
Do you ever scream but you make no sound or even move you mouth? Yea, well join the club. 
Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Now you know what it's like to be me. 
I'm so sick of this, feeling worthless no matter what you do. And the same thoughts echoing around your head for months at a time. 
Worthless, stupid , selfish, better off dead, But I'm fine, happy , getting 'better' at least that's what I say, but I say a lot of things.

Collab blog

Haii guys it's Hannah from the-kids-who-are-dead-inside so I'm just posting to say that I am collaborating the blog with my best friend Alisha(yay!) also we are on tumblr and Instagram so go follow us !
Tumblr: the-kids-who-are-dead-inside
 So long and goodnight, 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Creepypasta fanfic
Hey I’m writing a fanfic on Creepypasta on wattpad my username is G09991 so if you like the description go read it please give credit if you share or copy because I worked hard on this:
I stood there looking down at my twin. I bent down and checked her pulse, she was dead! A small smile tugged at my lips as I tried to hide it. I turned to look at her killer, he was slowly backing away guiltily looking at his feet. “ wait ” I stopped him . The boy looked up from his blood stained white hoodie and turned so he could run.
“What’s your name” I asked casually 
He raised an eyebrow and chuckled “Jeff” he said and then he was gone.

Band of the week 1

Baii I am going to  do a band of the week and this week is .......... Drumroll please..................., BLACK VEIL BRIDES!

So black veil brides are my all time favourite band and have been for a long while.
The lead singer is called Andrew Dennis Biersack!
The guitarists are Jake Pitts and Jinxx
The drummer is Christian CC Coma
And the bassist is Ashley Purdy
Black veil brides first album was 'we stitch these wounds'
The second being 'set the world on fire'
The third was 'wretched and divine the story of the wild ones'
And the final one for now being a self titled album 'black veil brides '

You should listen to:
In the end
Knives and pens
Fallen angels
Lost it all
Wretched and divine
Heart of fire
Crown of thorns
World of sacrifice
And many more!!!

My first blog post

Hey , my name is Hannah and I'm just another kid with a fractured soul and a broken heart 💔. I guess you could say that I am emo / scene but I'm more emo than scene. So anyway, this is my first time blogging so here are some things to expect on my blog!
First brace yourself for one hell of a lot of band related posts.
Also I love MDE which for people who don't already know is a collab channel on YouTube called my digital escape.
Also I'm kinda obsessed with creepypasta so.... GO TO SLEEP *stabs you* (Jeff the killer reference)
So this is it from me so baii